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5th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things WF-IoT 2019

Welcome to IEEE WFIoT 2019!

Greetings and welcome to the 5th IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things - IEEE WFIoT2019! This is the premier event for the Multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiative and for the IEEE IoT Technical Community. It is also much more than that - the World Forum has reached out to include leaders from the public sector, industry, the research community, and IoT end users to bring you an exciting program that reflects the rapid adoption of IoT around the globe. It has also taken advantage of the conference setting, on the campus of University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland, to focus on how IoT is evolving in a local and regional setting - with an emphasis on the latest Technical Research Developments in IoT, the Industrial Vertical Sectors important to Ireland, and on Topical issues of local, regional, and world-wide interest.

We hope that you can join us and actively participate in exchanging the latest experiences, trends, and developments in the evermore expanding IoT landscape. We have sought to make the World Forum as diverse as possible, in terms of participant backgrounds and subject matter, to reflect the complexity of IoT. We have also made it as interactive as possible so you can benefit if you are here to: learn about IoT; share and exchange your findings and experiences from demonstrations, trials, or deployments; better your understanding of specific technical issues; or are seeking solutions to the challenges of IoT applications and deployments. The purpose of the IEEE World forum is to nurture and steer the development and adoption of IoT so that it can fulfill the promise of delivering on the social benefits of IoT as part of the IEEE's mission of Advancing Technology for Humanity. We hope that you can be part of the dialog and at the same time enjoy the hospitality and beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way that is the backdrop to the World Forum.

A bit about Ireland as the setting for IEEE WFIoT 2019

The Theme for this year's conference is "IOT and the Digital Revolution". Ireland as a country is invested in a digital future. It fully participates in the technology-oriented programs within the European Union, such as the "Single Digital Market", but at the same time has its own investments in advancing the capabilities and employment in high technology industries. This includes commitments in economic planning, allocation of resources, development of infrastructure, and to educational institutions for digitization. The National Broadband Plan and National Digital Strategy, as summarized by Amárach Research, an independent market research agency in Ireland, capture the Key Objectives and the expected progression from 2015 to 2020.

National Broadband Plan (NBP) - Key Objectives: Investment in long-term, future-proofed fiber infrastructure to over 1000 rural communities to ensure the NBP targets can be met:
  • 70 Mbps for 50% of population
  • 40 Mbps for 70-85% of population
  • 30 Mbps for 100% of population
National Digital Strategy (NDS) - Key Objectives:
  • Business & Jobs - Grow small businesses and create jobs by helping micro and small enterprises to trade online and access new markets. Get 10,000 businesses online for the first time and, through the NDS Trading Online Voucher Scheme, help 2,000 more small businesses trade online for the first time.
  • Citizens - Focusing in particular on skills and awareness, aim to reduce by 50% the number of "non-liners" (people who have not yet engaged with the internet).
  • Education and eLearning: Provide 100 Mbps broadband connectivity to all post primary schools and, through initiatives like "Switch-On", showcase the potential for digital technology and online resources with a view to enhancing educational experience and outcomes.
Ireland has been successful in attracting many R&D and manufacturing operations in industries where IoT and Digitization play an important role. For IEEE WFIoT2019 we have focused on selected topics that are significant to the economy and industries in Ireland and at the same time important to IoT on a global basis. These are reflected in the Vertical and Topical Tracks for the conference. This year we have added an Entrepreneurial Track to reflect the local emphasis on innovation and the encouragement to grow new companies to attract business to Ireland.

Science Foundation Ireland, our major sponsor for this event, oversees the investments at the University level, including many of the Centers that are participating in this year's conference. A hallmark is the emphasis on close collaboration with industry and the development of a native digitally smart workforce.

The setting of the conference is in the part of Ireland called the "Wild Atlantic Way". It offers many dramatic views and beautiful scenery and we encourage you to enjoy and see the sights that surround Limerick or are a short distance away.

Scenes Along the Wild Atlantic Way!

The Program and Events for IEEE WFIoT 2019

This year's extensive and exciting conference comprises four important components:
  • Shared open events touching on the many facets of IoT, that are meant to be highly interactive, and are either informative in nature, address specific issues in IoT evolution, or are important to the professional life of our attendees.
  • A Technical Program intended for the research and academic community based on original, novel, and peer reviewed papers and specific deeply technical sessions, relevant to The Internet of Things.
  • Vertical and Topical Invited presentation from experts in Industry, Academia, the Public Sector intended for a general and knowledgeable audience to share experiences and explore the practical side of IoT. This includes deployed applications, business issues, operations, technology, regulatory and policy regimes, and the formation of IoT ecosystems. The focus is on a limited number of Vertical Markets important to Ireland and the region, and on important Technology and Policy Topical Areas of general importance.
  • A Day devoted to Entrepreneurial activities to promote Entrepreneurship and the development of resources for IEEE Members interested in IoT who want to create opportunity within their own company or take the risk and create a start-up venture.

WFIoT2019 also brings you hospitality of the City of Limerick and the University of Limerick as our hosts and the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings and nearby tourist and nature destinations. We hope that you may be able to take advantage of these either before or after the conference. There are also opportunities for companions during the week, that can be found under the venue tab on the conference website.

Shared Open Events
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Women in Engineering Program
  • Young Professionals Program
  • A Standards Meetup
  • An IEEE Future Network Initiative Roadmap Exploration
  • Exhibits and Demonstrations

One of the highlights for IEEE WFIoT2019 are the Plenary Sessions. We start the mornings on each of the three main days of the conference, April 16th - April 18th, with two hours dedicated to plenary sessions. The format is presentations followed by a moderated discussion with an open mike for the audience. We have 13 exciting speakers and panelists - we urge all the attendees to be there and participate in the discussions.

Our speakers on the first day, Tuesday, reflect the wide range of stakeholders and diversity in IoT. From the Public Sector we open with James Collins, the Mayor of Limerick, followed by Kate Forbes who is the Scottish Minister for the Digital Economy. Wendy Belluomini from IBM will talk about the hot technology topic of the year - Artificial Intelligence - and Didier Nkurikiyimfura will discuss what IoT means for "Smart Africa". Finally, Adrian Scrase from ETSI will cover the role of standards and specifically the roll out of 5G.

Wednesday is devoted to a perspective from executives in leading IoT Industrial Firms - a view of the future and of challenges and opportunities for IoT. This includes Christopher O'Connor from Persistent Systems and previously at IBM, Patricia Florissi from Dell EMC, Yusuf Jamal who leads the IoT Business unit at Analog Devices, and Ravi Kapoor who is the Executive Director of Data and Platforms at Collins Aerospace.

Thursday's agenda is all about Research Programs and Initiatives relevant to IoT around the World. Our four Plenary Panelists are: Hyun Kim from ETRI in Korea, Thyaga Nandagopal representing the US National Science Foundation, Nicholas Isaris at the European Commission, and Aisling McEvoy at Science Foundation Ireland.

You will find detailed information about the other elements of the shared sessions through the conference website and app.

The Technical Program

The conference received over 370 paper submissions, a new record for the World Forum. The TPC did a heroic job in arranging for the review of all papers submitted for publication. Each received a minimum of three reviews. Of these, the conference accepted the highest ranked Papers for presentation and publication in IEEE Xplore. The crop of highly rated papers has resulted in 185 acceptances. Through the hard work of the Chairs and Organizers for segments of the Technical Program this years World Forum includes the following elements:
  • Technical Oral Presentations
  • Tehcnical Poster Presentations
  • Industry Forums (4 - Sessions)
  • Special Sessions (2 - Sessions)
  • Workshops (4 - Topics)
  • Tutorials (9 - Topics)
  • Doctoral Symposium (3 - Sessions)

Vertical and Topical Tracks

The Vertical and Topical Tracks have attracted ~ 130 Presenters. These include experts from around the world and extensive participation from industry, government, and academia in Ireland. The sessions for the Tracks are meant to be highly interactive as the setting for dialog between the many end-users, stakeholders and technology experts in each area. We want to thank the Track chairs for the hard work in identifying the speakers and attracting them to the World Forum.

Vertical Tracks
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Maritime Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities
Topical Tracks
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Communications, Connectivity, and 5G Technologies
  • Cybersecurity, Data Security, and Privacy
  • Data and the Internet of Things
  • Green Technologies - Environment, Sustainability, and the Circular Economy
  • Sensors and Sensor Systems

Entrepreneurial Program

The full day program for the Track, on Monday, April 15th, is built around the promotion of Innovation. It is designed to help entrepreneurs find access to knowledge and resources to launch innovative programs, whether in an existing organization or in a start-up. The core for the Track is presentations from the IEEE Entrepreneur Committee, from the local network of Entrepreneurs in Ireland, from experienced Entrepreneurs in the IoT Technical Community, and from experts on the global stage experienced in launching start-ups. The highlight is experiences from newly minted working companies that will describe their journey to launch.

A Thanks to Our Sponsors, Contributors, and Supporters

A conference such as the "IEEE World Forum on IoT" could not be successful without the contribution of many individuals, contributing organizations, and financial sponsors. We would like to thank you all and recognize your part in making this a meaningful event:

The University of Limerick and specifically the Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department at the University of Limerick made WFIoT2019 possible by hosting the Conference and providing us with a great setting for the event.

The IEEE IoT Initiative and the World Forum would not be possible without:

The Sponsoring IEEE Societies and Councils: Communications Society - Consumer Electronics Society - Reliability Society - Sensors Council - Signal Processing Society - IEEE Standards Association - Control Systems Society - Council on Electronic Design Automation - Council on RFID - Electromagnetic Compatibility Society - Electron Devices Society - Electronics Packaging Society - Industrial Electronics Society - Microwave Theory and Techniques Society - Power and Energy Society - Power Electronics Society - Robotics and Automation Society - Society for - Social Implications of Technology - Vehicular Technology Society

The generosity of Science Foundation Ireland has allowed us to bring many experts on IoT to Ireland from around the World and together with our other sponsors made it possible to attract outstanding content and participants. A special thanks also goes to Analog Devices Inc. for providing personnel and resources beyond their financial sponsorship. The contribution of the exhibitors is an important part of WFIoT2019 as is and technical sponsorship of companies who have provided us with many excellent speakers. We would like to thank you all!

Platinum Sponsor: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Gold Sponsor: Analog Devices Inc.
Silver Sponsor: InterTradeIreland
Bronze Sponsors: Failte Ireland - Suga International Holdings Limited
Sensors and Sensor Systems Topical Track Sponsor: Sensors Journal, MDPI

Exhibitors: Accucode - Confirm Smart Manufacturing - IEEE Future Networks - NEC - Smart Limerick - TSSG

Our Technical Supporters: Collins Aerospace - GSMA - Rockwell Automation Lastly, we would like to recognize all the volunteers on the Organizing Committee, the Reviewers without whom we could not have processed the technical papers, the chairs for the sessions for all the components of the Technical program and the V&T Tracks. Special recognition professional staffs at the University of Limerick, at IEEE, and JKJ Management!

Chairs of the Organizing and Technical Program Committees

Soumya Kanti Datta, EUROCOM, Biot, France

Adam Drobot, OpenTechWorks, Wayne, PA USA
Schahram Dusdar, Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Latif Ladid, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Elfed Lewis, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

Heinrich Steuttgen, NEC Research Labs, Heidelberg, Germany